Professional Services Rate Cards

Prices quoted are in AUD (Australian Dollars)

Standard Rates

Detailed here our standard hourly rate for ad-hoc consulting, software support, and general software development.

For long-term project work, we can generally offer a discount to these hourly rates.

Once detailed requirements have been scoped out and time-estimated, we are willing and able to provide fixed-fee quotations for blocks of work.

Resource Fee Per Hour (ex. GST) Definition Examples
Level 1 $135 Initial support level responsible for basic customer issues. Username / password reset, basic software configuration and updates.
Level 2 $150 Intermediate/associate engineer. General software development, repair, diagnostic testing.
Level 3 $185 Advanced/senior engineer. As above, with greater expertise, servers and infrastructure issues, escalations from level 2.
Specialist Engineer $225+ An expert engineer on specific solutions and technologies. Specialised performance optimisations, escalations from level 3.
Project Manager / Solution Architect $265 An expert responsible for planning, executing and delivering technology projects. Deploying new technologies, re-engineering existing systems, managing complex projects.

Artificial Intelligence Expertise by the Hour

Hire our AI specialists by the hour (excl. GST).

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