The Australian Online News Network is Australia’s leading news aggregator, producing quality and relevant content from over 3,500 sources across 200 publications nationally, to a growing Australian audience.

11 Network

The 11 Network was the world’s first YouTube aggregation network. With sub sites for news, finance, and sport.

Advertiser Portal

A followup project for AONN, this application provided means for their advertisers to book their own ad campaigns — pushing them directly into the ad server, after approval.

Rico Gear Rugby

Rico Gear is taking the next step in his coaching career, teaming up to create an AI powered online training app.

Basketball Training App

A digital basketball training program with skill-based training videos & workout schedules. Enhanced with AI recognition & analysis models to infer the competency of the user.

MediPick - The Digital Prescription Service


A novel prescription management application providing an end-to-end solution for medical practitioners, pharmacists and patients to manage the prescription fulfillment process.

Vehicle Market

An online market place for motor dealers and the public to buy and sell vehicles.


CarRecord supplied vehicle history reports in the USA and other key global markets. The software service, accessible via the website & mobile application, enabled consumers to search for a vehicle via its VIN number or Registration plate.

Dealer Trade®

An innovative, real-time online auction platform for the motor industry, exclusive to motor dealers and their suppliers. Changing the status quo across 3 continents with cutting edge technology.

SM Solvency Accountants

The back end system is very advanced, and uses biometric data to compare a person’s driver license with their face so we know they are the person who is the director of the company being liquidated.

Insolvency Guardian

100% contactless approach to insolvency means that you can receive, send and fill out vital forms related to your situation with a click of a button, eliminating administrative stress.

World News API

Lumin8ai's News API is an easy-to-use REST API that returns JSON search results for current and historic news articles published by over 9,200 worldwide sources.