Fully Digital Back End System

Prior to Covid-19, SM Solvency Accountants had been working on, and building our own digital system.

That system was completed, then revamped during Covid-19 to provide a completely digital solution using a contactless process.

The back end system is very advanced, and uses biometric data to compare a person’s driver license with their face so we know they are the person who is the director of the company being liquidated.

The system incorporates, Equifax, OCR labs, ASIC and is complete with Artificial Intelligence (AI). It has many other data sources that take all the heavy lifting out of the old laborious process, and can produce all documents in seconds, not hours or minutes. And, the system is completely integrated with Xero.

Insolvency Made Easier

At SM Solvency Accountants, we break the mould by providing digital solutions that cater to any situation. We provide 100% contact-free services, which help take the sting out of insolvency. No matter your situation, we provide tailor-made and people-focused solutions that mitigate the stress of insolvency and provide clarity about the process and timing.

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