What is CarRecord

CarRecord supplied complete vehicle history and valuation reports in Australia, the USA, and other key global markets.

The software service - built by the Luminate team - is accessible via the website & mobile applications, and enabled consumers to search for a vehicle via its VIN number or Registration plate.

The service would call out to a multitude of in-house and 3rd party data sources to generate a comprehensive vehicle history report compiled as a PDF and delivered to the user's inbox within seconds.

How does it work?

Established to offer a suite of vehicle information products to the Australian consumer. We built the document generation solution for CarRecord to offer a complete car history product including:

Valuation data — ingested and processed from Glass's data service.
Written-off Vehicle and and Encumbrance data — obtained by way of integration with the Australian government's Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).
Registration data verification & look-ups — via the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS).

CarRecord now turned their sights to the large US vehicle market. This gave way to new regulatory requirements to meet & new data sources to incorporate:

- USA Valuation data — J.D. Power's NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) vehicle values data-set.

- USA Written-off Vehicle and and Encumbrance data — accessed by a secure communication API with the Department of Justice's NMVTIS system.

- USA Recall & Safety data — integrated by connection with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

- Vehicle Images — via the FUEL stock image API.

The reports included:

– Vehicle Valuation
– Odometer Comparison
– Manufacturer Recall Data
– Engine Info
– Vehicle Loan Value
– Retail Evaluation
– Mileage Information
– Clear Title / Encumbrance Data
– and More