Irv Roland — Basketball Training

Irv Roland is the former assistant coach and head of player development for the Houston Rockets. He is James Harden's go to skills trainer and is the former player development coach for New Orleans, Phoenix and Boston.

The Product:
A digital basketball training program with skill-based training videos & workout schedules.
Enhanced with AI recognition & analysis models to infer the competency of the user.

The Application

A subscription model mobile app, featuring drill-based training videos tailored to the user's skill-level & targeted areas for improvement. The software would generate a balanced 30/45/60 minute workout, or allow the user to customise.

When the user was in the process of completing the drill, they were presented the option to record themselves carrying out the exercise. This recording would processed by an AI model trained for Object Detection, to assess how well the drill was executed. For example, in regards to a shooting drill, the output data was a count of how many times the basketball travelled though the hoop.


Attached basketball apparel store.