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Self-Service Advertising

A followup project for the Australian Online News Network, this application provided means for their advertisers to book and manage their own ad campaigns — pushing them directly into the ad server, after approval.

The Brief

Wanting to stand out from the competition, this solution was created to simplify the media buying and ad operations process. The goal was to dramatically reduce the amount of time that need be spent by a human engaging with potential advertisers, advising on points such as:

  • Available packages & pricing options
  • Required creative file formats
  • Campaign targeting parameters

The solution provided all the above with an easy to operate user interface, relaying all required notices and ensuring that the necessary data was collected & in the correct format.

This opened the door for many small business advertisers, who commonly lacked the requisite knowledge and/or buying power, to interact directly with the publisher — without the need to use an advertising service/network as a middle man (e.g. Google Ads).

The result:

  • More revenue for the publisher;
  • More mileage from their budget, for the advertiser.

The Implementation

The end solution took the points from the brief a few steps further.
In addition to collecting ad campaign information, we identified opportunity to increase the level of automation provided.

Staff would still need to manually collect payments and plug the advertising campaigns into the ad server. The system was enhanced to give the sales team access to an administration dashboard where after approving the advertorial content, the advertiser would be prompted to pay in advance via a secure payment gateway, including seamless invoicing integration with their accounting software .

Following payment, the campaign was automatically loaded into the ad server via API, greatly reducing levels of manual data entry performed by the team, freeing them to spend time on more pressing matters.

Why stop there?

With the ad server's API available, an obvious low-hanging fruit was to feed each campaigns performance & fulfillment data back into the client-facing portal. Providing transparency and reducing email & phone inquiries.